TOMRA Insight

With TOMRA Insight, you turn your sorters
into a powerful & connected source of information.

Once connected you will discover

Our cloud-based solution offers you one secure, near real-time monitoring platform for all your sorting lines.
Wherever and whenever you want, you can access digital metrics on the status and performance of your sorters.

Web-based dashboards

An easy to use web-based sorting dashboard for desktop and mobile devices

Remote access

Remote access to your sorting data, allowing you to collaborate more freely

Customizable reporting

Customizable reporting for a better follow-up of your sorting process

Specialist support

Support from our specialists to leverage your sorting data into tangible improvements, such as reduced downtime, maximized throughput, and optimized output quality

Curious to see what
your digital sorting dashboard
would look like?

TOMRA Insight: tried and tested by industry-leading companies

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The sorting data overview in the TOMRA Insight dashboard represents hours of saved time, and money.”



“Taking our sorting process digital was one step forward. Now, having to miss it would feel like going five steps back.”


Jersey 1200x600
Bluestone Mining 1200x600


“The TOMRA machines are a critical part of our plants to meet our production targets. Having the TOMRA Insight report each morning is essential.”


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TOMRA Insight


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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start with TOMRA Insight?
Please contact the TOMRA Insight team for personal advice or a free demo, and let us know what time works best for you.
What machines and IT infrastructure do I need for TOMRA Insight?
  • a TOMRA Connector Cabinet
  • ethernet cables to connect your sorter(s) with the TOMRA Connector Cabinet
  • a stable internet connection
Can I try out TOMRA Insight?
Yes, you have a free trial period with the support of a TOMRA Insight expert.
What about security?
Only you have access to your company data. The TOMRA Connector cabinet does not accept incoming connections from external sources; it only establishes connections to TOMRA's cloud platform. TOMRA Insight is built on Microsoft Azure and proven, encrypted communication protocols​ with regular 3rd party penetration testing.
Can TOMRA Insight integrate with other systems like Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Wonderware, PowerBI, etc. ?
Yes, TOMRA Insight has a standard REST API interface to link it to other systems in the typical six layers of industrial automation: SCADA, MDC, MES, APS, ERP, and BI
Can TOMRA Insight be used only in specific industries?
TOMRA Insight has solutions for the Food, Waste & Metal Recycling, and Mining industries.
Do I need a dedicated pc near my sorters to use TOMRA Insight?
No, you have 24/7 online access to your sorting data on your mobile, tablet, or pc. Anywhere in the world where you have a stable internet connection.
Which reports are available?
Easy-to-use, standard web-based dashboards and customizable reports allow you a better follow-up of your sorting process.
Can I buy TOMRA Insight?
TOMRA Insight is a subscription-based service. This avoids enormous IT investments in software development, integration projects, security consulting, etc.
What do customers say about TOMRA Insight?
Check out the testimonials of the Jersey Royal Company (Food industry), Wellman International (Recycling industry) or Bluestone Mine (Mining industry).